Sunday, 23 October 2011

Right. With all the painting things have not been going good on the gaming table.

Took part in a Warmachine Hordes Tourney and came joint last :-(

Also finished painting all the men I need for my Grey Knights army would like to have one army at the moment got about three Eldar, Grey Knights and Deathwatch. So should trim that down also will be trying to get rid of most of my circle stuff while keeping a bit for demos.

Also been painting historical and got to look at ways to play these.

Progress with the Warhammer Fantasy Chaos army is slow going and started Estilia but too many models and also a friend wants to try Infinity (low model count and good combat system) and I already have an army :-)

Pictures when I get a chance

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Catch up again

Right, due to having a lack of time recently (or is that motivation) I have not updated the site so here goes.

Flames stuff is not really happening
Fantasy is either Warriors of Chaos or Estilia
40K is Deathwatch using Blood Angels (after listening to Deepstrike radio podcast) or Grey Knights as well as random Skirmish games

Also worked on a co-op werewolf game so thinking of rules for that either LotR or warhammer skirmish

Have got a Eldar army which I will either paint or resurrect as Dark Eldar
And also want to try some thing with Haitian Legends of the High Seas but would like to see how much I can get painted.

Will hopefully be taking the Deathwatch out tomorrow so praying to the dice gods.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Catch Up

As I've had trouble getting online regularly here is what ive been up to.

Have been working on my 40k Blood Angels & Chaos Marine Army Thousand Sons and Terminators constructed need painting.

Warriors of Chaos constructed need to paint some forsaken and Daemonic beasts army started 20 Bloodletters made out of Saurus and Beastmen need finishing. Great Unclean One made out of Stegadon. Pictures to follow.

Empire warband made and painted for skirmish gaming pics to follow.
New idea for WW1 Trench Raiders started (I know) Moroccan Goums Squad constructed hopefully painting today 1 Zouve painted. British Cavalry pulled out of the trunk along with Senegal murder brides. Once again it will be a weird war game and am currently looking for a ruleset. Operation Squad gets across the paranoid environment with the counter reaction system might ask someone to trial with me.
Malifaux two crews bought and based, one game played and looks good will be getting into this game.
Old Leman Russ will be used as a Mk1 tank.

What I want to get.
Avatars of War Dwarf Plastics
Zouaves nice characterful uniforms will be used for ww1 and when they arrive Knight of Montessa and Jeanne D'Arc for Infinity.

Bye for now

Saturday, 26 March 2011

The Grand Battle

Most of the enemy had deployed on the battlefield with only the vanguard of my Librarian and two squads of Mortis Company deployed when a unit of Tainted Sternguard and one squad of Silver Skulls joined them.

First blood went to the enemy as one of the Mortis company died making his way to the central ruins. Also the enemy devastator squad set up in the Western
The bikers raced on to the battlefield and prepared to join the Librarian while the Mortis Company got tangled in the southern ruins. The Silver Skulls commander led the Minotaurs with the Emporers Children Gene Surgeon down from orbit and they landed near the devastator squad.

The Minotaurs are greeted by the Loyalists with oncoming fire and charge into close combat killling the devastators while the bikes race forwards and start blasting away at the assault squad doing nothing and the sorcerer fires his combi – melta killing one. The Librarian then charges the Assault Squad and gets beaten up.
While the Terminators decide to charge my hammer The Silver Skulls and Berserkers move forwards and get shot and assaulted by the assault marines. With one of the Berserkers decides not to die and holds up two units of assault marines and the Terminators walk through the ruins and start taking on the Noise Marines and in the end the game was called with me pretty much dying to a man.

What have I learnt from this.
Well the small units just don't work so go big or don't bother coming also one unit that can take an objective might actually help and I want to try the Vanguard squad as being able to use heroic intervention after descent of angels will be awesome.

Friday, 25 March 2011

The Tech Heresy of Ulantis

After I had been marvelling at the Bloodcrusher models and having come into a copy of the 2nd edition of 40K I decided to make a skirmish game.
As we all know I have a problem with canon so please see below in descending order
Tech Priest on Cyber Wolf with three Auroch
Grey Knight with Commissar Cain and two servitors in Tactical Dreadnought Armour.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

New Army - "Blood for the Sanguine One, Blood God and Keep their Skulls and plate them Silver"

Once again I took to the tabletop again and did not get bought any flowers, sigh.
So I have decided after being inspired by Goatboy to turn my Chaos Marines into a real army that might be able to compete, if some one else was to take them for a spin. So with a nice new Blood Angels book my Chaos Marines are going to be the Sons of Sanguinius, or something.
In the army we will have
Librarian, 2 units of Sternguard, 3 Sanguinary Priests, Scouts, five units of Death Company (one with Jump Packs) and a unit of bikers and the Grim one.

Tomorrow is when they shout out their battle cry expect them to be to confused and to forget what they are doing.

Will try and get pictures on here soon

Friday, 11 March 2011

Blessed by Nurgle

Once again catch up time for the blog. I have been working on a few things the first of these was the game of Warhammer Fantasy against one of my old mates. The best I can say about this game from a general ship point of view was … It was good to catch up with my mate. High Elves are a hard army and he is a good general. I forgot quite a few of my rules and will have to remember my cheat sheet otherwise it might well happen again. I am not sure if this is for me a flaw in the game or a flaw in me.

I think Warhammer can be a bit rules heavy for us magpie gamers that like to dip in and out of rules sets and would like to have cards to read rather than having to cross reference all over the shop. One thing that I have been doing is painting a warband for skirmish gaming, I know shock horror me doing something other than working on a new army but these were a quick way to have a force and so with much routeing around on the internet I found the Araby Army Book and made the warband from this using models mainly from the Lord of the Rings (which I love but no one seems to play).

Following the last game I played I was sorted out to play a three way (no sniggering at the back) game when my finger turned septic and Nurgle heaped his blessings on me again and I got a cold. After spending the weekend dying I am now a lot better and have organised a new game, 40K this time and chosen a Slaaneshi Eldar Army to use against a Thundercav Puppies army. The army will be given a trial outing against my long suffering friend tomorrow and as he is also playing with the Space Puppies it might help to teach me a few things. I am pleased with some of the conversions and look forwards to painting them once my finger has had the exorcisms incanted properly over it.

The last thing I am hoping to do is try a new set of rules to run a WW2 game and have been organising my Italians to take part in this game. The force is 3 squads of ten men with one special weapon and officer, with radio operator and medic and maybe a heavy machine gun will let people know how it works out.

The idea is for there to be quite a lot of command and control in the game and I have been looking at how different rules model this into their games.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Skirmish Gaming

Once again catch up time here we have some pics of stuff for skirmish gaming

Friday, 11 February 2011

Italians as promised and with more to come. Note the British Officer installed as a advisor.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Time to the catch up with the Blog; I have been working on some Italian Folgore in desert attire. This is one section and one fireteam with a heavy machinegun .

I also have a game of Fantasy against one of my old mates this week so have been sorting out the army for this.

My Chaos Space Marines army has been nearly painted all the Marines are done and the daemons will not take long so that is one army finished when I get through with it.

Also today I painted a Skaven Ratling Gunner for generic fantasy. The jury is still out which rules set I will use for this game and what the gang / team will look like I will be painting up Queek Headtaker and a Warplock Engineer.

Photos to follow

Thursday, 13 January 2011

New Year - New Start

Right, bit of a late start to this year.
With all the changes in the upcoming wargaming rules sets, it is time to re-evaluate my armies and painting for this year.
First things first.
I have a force on British Para’s for rules of engagement these will be joining my Italians as CIL
Black Powder thirty years war army needs painting so one stand a week to start out – same with Napoleonic Italian.
Chaos Army for WHFB nearly done and will continue with this.
A mate wants to start Warhammer 40k with the bits I have already got I have decided to make Craftworld Eldar my main army as this gives me a variety in colour schemes but I also want to theme them to moving to Slaanesh. Dark Eldar bits a go pictures to follow soon.
War of the Ring needs finishing and a few Cygnar models need finishing as well as a few stands of Flames of War Germans.
Also thanks to Big Jim for making Killzone as I have been making a Chaos Marine force which is completed.
Lastly one project I want to make for poops and giggles is a Feral Hunt Army with Canis Wolfborn, Landspeeders and Fenrisian Wolves, this will have a few Wolf Guard members on bikes to add their weight to combats and reign in Canis’ influence. After painting a test model they might be a divergent company.