Sunday, 16 December 2012

Week off

So have had this week off work. So the question is what have I been up to...

Bolt Action has been tempting a couple of my mates and so I am never one to pass up the chance to look at another rule set so here is the start of my Rangers Platoon
Some of these will have greatcoats but not all some are just to hard to need a coat no matter what the weather.

The Cursed Knight, the inspiration for this model came the Leprous King in Kingdom of Heaven and as a consequence of his malady he is able to use tainted weapons. He will be joining the Knights Templar who are already painted and now the force will no longer be just Knights Templar because I was driving myself mad painting that amount of white  :-(

Dark Angel Successor Company Master not worked out what their Chapter name is but will use them as allies for either my Lamenters or Grey Knights and here is a Devastator Squad, the fluff will be that they are having problems getting technology so that is why they cannot get all the weapons that the book allows 

I have also put together a couple of Bazooka squads and a Priest for Flames of War as well as painting the rest of my Sherman Tanks and Hellcat Tank Destroyer in winter colours

 Above and below are some ideas for my Armies on Parade board High Elves
 Easterlings with supporting Light Infantry will have to see what works