Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Chaos United

So at the end of last week I had three Lamenters Death Company to paint and had done a trial model which I was pleased with.

This week I have been painting and assembling my daemons and painting my chaos marines so that I can shame myself into getting them painted.

Above are Puel's troopers

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Finish of week of

So after a week off I had a game of 3000 pts last night of the new edition of 40k.

It was a lot of fun, it did take a while and I can see the game turning into a game of 1.5 -1.8k down the club. Was playing against orks and got finished off in the 5th to 6th turn but I am doing better than I used to.

Also on the painting table. I have realised I've only got a few Lamenters to paint so I will finish these off. And  then paint some random projects in preparation for the new Chaos Marine Codex to join my Daemons that I started and failed to finish for the Tale of Gamers that I jumped out off.
I would like to state that very nice Deathwing and Death Guard armies have come out of this.

Also as promised ages ago here is my Chaos Sorcerer
 Nurgle Champion

 And my Bloodletters

Also a added treat if you hate your eyes both painted a while ago
Slaaneshii Guard Command Squad the Colonel has been exposed to Xenos Tech
 and Dark Mechanicus Magoes

Quick update Specialist Puel the Siegebreaker