Monday, 20 August 2012

Its all gone a bit small

So with the promise of nearly having a complete army I have decided to start another idea (we warned you at the start)

So below I have my 15mm survivors army. Obviously with the mech its futuristic but that does not stop me from incorporating late wwii Shermans and a Hellcat as they were kicking around.

Here they are with the mecha holding up any traffic that wants to get past.

Here we have the tank commander who has decided to take his prized bike out for a spin as its my world he will be able to do this in battle behind him are the bazooka corps who will be either riding in half tracks or M113's as I think these look cool

The Elite Guard are NATO White Guardians who have been seconded to the city and are going to ride in their HumVees

The last unit so far are the Army Regular Recon equipped with jeeps they are the lucky boys and girls who get to find the enemy for the heavy guns to destroy.

What else do I want. Of course the M113s will have to be included I might also change it to a winter force but that will mean the bazooka teams will have to be replaced also not sure if I want infantry in my tank game but they will be good to add some form of objective and also crews that have had to decamp so they might get to stay in. Also some times stealth teams can prove useful and two of my favorite films When Trumpets Fade and Saints and Soldiers are about infantry so they might stay. Oh well we will find out.

So if you have got to the end of this ramble have an internet cookie