Thursday, 24 July 2014

A new world

So after my whinge about 40k and the post where I promised to post lots of pictures which I did not do I have decided that I decided to work out which games I like. These have been sorted out in my head, and now for now real reason I will put them on the internet. Feel free to disagree with me all you want.

Bolt Action (WW2 platoon scale 28mm game), its been designed by Rick Priestly and so has many of the same basic concepts that go through Warhammer games, the activation phase is the departure for this game and is well done.

Saga (28mm warband game, less than 40 models). This is could be a standard game of early medieval fighting if it was not for the battle boards, these represent your warlord shouting encouragement / orders to his men as they fight for him, had two games on Monday against a friend down the club. Was a really tight game and easy to get the basics the actual strategy will wait.

Warhammer Fantasy (32mm Army game) This is a good game with a good pedigree, I have not liked some of the past editions of this game but the current edition gives a good non frustrating game so long as you don't play a cheeseball

Killteam (Unit 40k) Its 40k without all the super broken rules, needs scenarios though.

Flames of War (15mm WW2 company scale) This is a stripped down version of the 40k engine with quite a few innovations (which I am sure someone will tell me are as old as the hills. If you want tank wars for ww2 this is where you should be going.

Dystopian Wars (Fleet/ Army Group / Air Force Steampunk game) the background is good and the rules are entertaining, not played the new version but will keep this till I do.

What I want to look into
Of Gods and Mortals (Warband Ancients game with a god) This looks like a simple game with good / simple mechanics what adds to this is the talents and the fuelling of and impact of your God on the Battle. Got the rules and looks good, building a Greek warband now. There is a good chance that the same models from Saga will be used in this as Norse.

In her Majesty's Name (Steampunk skirmish) another Osprey book with a decent collection of supplements.

Deadzone (Mantic's Scifi skirmish) looks good designed by Jake Thornton who seems to be releasing a lot at the moment

Some models for the In her Majesty's Name which is ordered.
Converted from Maxmini and Bolt Action and Victrix. 

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Catch Up

So recently I have not done much blogging I have been painting and while waiting to find out what is going to be my main game system I have been painting those things that appeal to me

So there is the Abhuman Project that I have been working on which has ground to a halt (pics to follow)

But still in the distant past of 40k there is the question of Post Heresy forces and while you all know how much I love these and Kill Team. I have been doing more.

Right to Left
Here we have a Word Bearer Terminator, an Imperial Fist Assault Sergeant, and World Eater Librarian, I decided to kit bash the hell out of them and so there are some illegal builds but as I'm not playing the game don't really care.

Hope you all enjoyed the update  

Sunday, 18 May 2014

40k 7th ed

So I write this on the Sunday before 7th edition comes out and I have to say meh

While I have been a big fan of 40k for over 20 years, even I have had issues where GW has taken it. 

So lets look at the issues of the game I have seen;
Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Trader this was a brilliant universe that kept me enthralled for many years and I still do back to (squats any one) I think this has informed my idea of what feels right in 28mm gaming forever and why I like the games I do. The core of this game was a reinforced platoon and The Battle at the Farm was my first idea of an scenario and holds a dear place in my heart.

Warhammer 40,000 2nd ed, this was a cool game and I love some of the mechanics that came out of this opposed dice rolls for combat are half what I love about the Hobbit LotR game, the overwatch system could lead to a non game but worked well for skirmish games like Necromunda

3rd ed, was when the game started to be a Company level game and since then always started to feel too crowded and I think did not play this much.

4th ed was for me ok though some of the builds and the power gaming got a bit boring. Jumping from assault to assault made another non game.

5th ed was the tournament game and was a good game and this is when I started picking up other systems

6th probably the best for fluff using allies is brilliant. The only thing that let this down was the force organisation chart being of secondary importance 

7th ed, what has annoyed me, Unbound Armies will lead to some proper filth and because some of the worldwide gamers will think of tactics before fluff so not filling me with confidence one thing I will buy is the new mission cards and use them in other rules there and lastly the amount of models on the board locally is still too big for me 2k is still standard points where I live. 

On a final note it was two years since the last set was released and while my bookshelf is witness to the fact that I don't mind buying rules £50 per throw with no armies to play out of the book is a bit steep so, I would like to say thank you for all of the inspiration GW and I will continue to buy models from you but it will be for other systems 
So in all not so much a rage-quit as a can't-be-a%^£%ed-to-keep-up-now-quit.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Boom - Reset the Clock

So the lovely new Dwarf warriors were bought after a truly horrible week and then I went to have a brilliant weekend. So after things calmed down I managed to relax this weekend and made these, so we have a trooper and a War Leader
Hope you like

Must admit that they were inspired by these
might be tempted to do more another time especially if 40k produce another massive rulebook

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Rogue Trading Across the Universe

So the Resolution is a smoking wreck bombed out and smoking by the side of the road. However as always I will not stop painting.
'You can take our lives, but you will never take our paintbrushes'
So I have returned to the forces of my Rogue Trader and as the new Scions came out yesterday after some easy paint-schemes and some google searches I have decided that my Rogue Trader has chosen one of his followers to lead his army when he is otherwise engaged.
So he has tasked his Seneschal to lead the counter assault when his ship gets boarded,
Here we have the man himself Unileavi this custodian of his master's house also has the task of monitoring the Navigators and Astropaths on ship and so has a Condemnor Boltgun and Null Rod, his squad of soldiers drafted by the Rogue Trader from the Astra Militarum are well known for their willingness to engage psykers even going so far as to seek them out, known as the Nutters and so the squad are known as the Unileavi's Nutters

Friday, 28 March 2014

After the Ides

So here is the progress from the last update its been slow but been busy
Knight model these are sold at £2.30 a pop and loads of different sculpts a good way to practice and good for rpgers
 Mentors Sergeant or Librarian for the Scourging kill team
 Novamarine Sergeant with combimelta
My own universe battledroid deployed by the Camels

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Update before the Ides of March

So here is some more progress
Imperial Knight of the Star Wars Universe

 These are the two Rohan Riders and two Lake Town Masters Guard
 At the moment I am fighting a Battle Companies game with these as Rohan mercs led by a Man of Lake Town
Found this one in my bitz box so will find a use for him soon he will be the Crimson Pilgrim

Will see if I'm up to date  this week

Monday, 24 February 2014

Progress Splurge

So it is the 24th of Feb and lets see what I've done
 Private Mercenary Tank Born (will be used as Death Company)
Medical Officer for the PMT (so will be a Sanguinary Priest)
 Battle Company for Lake Town
Modern British Soldier (will use him to play Near Future)

 A Privateer Press Ogrun quite pleased with him

Games Workshop Ogryn with Neck Scarf

So there far we have 55 models so bang on target. I must admit its been a bit hit or miss progress wise and I am counting the two big blokes as two models each.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Lazy Sunday

So with nothing to do on a lazy Sunday I thought I'd do what I enjoy so I grabbed a miniature and painted him from scratch
He will be trooper number one of the Redcoats a crack Cygnarian Platoon.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Progress I Guess

So as the blog stated at the moment it was born. I have two many project so here is what I've been up-to since the last post

15mm Fast & Dirty

I am keen to do this game and would like to try it out in the past have had some trials and it seemed to work

Dropzone Commander
I would like to try this game and have got the rules. Seems to have a good ruleset

Regiments of Renown 
 Played four games of this on Monday and it was really good, can imagine myself playing this more.

So far the resolution is up to date I am counting the fireteam base a one figure. Hope you like the pics

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Progress Update 26th Jan

So the weekend is here again so lets see how I've done.
 World War Two Italian Folgore
 Dwarf Berzerkers for a little force (hopefully GW will do something awesome with the new list)
So far that is 21 models.
The last portion are for a Chaos Kill Squad

 Chaos Guard models
Chaos Infiltrator

 Slaaneshi Marine undercover
So there we go 26 models in 26 days WOO
So the question is what is next (tune in to find out)

Sunday, 19 January 2014


So its catch up time and I'm already behind so far here is the progress

The above pics are to finish the Battle Company for the Hobbit game. The two dwarf rangers are ner and part of the resolution the human ranger is also painted so 10 so far. Here is the Battle Company ready to start. 

Next we have Harley Quinn and I am looking forwards to getting into this game and was fun painting her.

As well as this I have started getting a warband for of Gods and Mortals
Firstly my God
and a Banshee who will join him
So far here is the Warband and will be adding to this next month
Lastly for a campaign I finish off the squad of Chosen so that is another two Chaos Space Marines
So far that is 15 models and I am hoping to keep up to date so more this afternoon maybe.