Friday, 11 March 2011

Blessed by Nurgle

Once again catch up time for the blog. I have been working on a few things the first of these was the game of Warhammer Fantasy against one of my old mates. The best I can say about this game from a general ship point of view was … It was good to catch up with my mate. High Elves are a hard army and he is a good general. I forgot quite a few of my rules and will have to remember my cheat sheet otherwise it might well happen again. I am not sure if this is for me a flaw in the game or a flaw in me.

I think Warhammer can be a bit rules heavy for us magpie gamers that like to dip in and out of rules sets and would like to have cards to read rather than having to cross reference all over the shop. One thing that I have been doing is painting a warband for skirmish gaming, I know shock horror me doing something other than working on a new army but these were a quick way to have a force and so with much routeing around on the internet I found the Araby Army Book and made the warband from this using models mainly from the Lord of the Rings (which I love but no one seems to play).

Following the last game I played I was sorted out to play a three way (no sniggering at the back) game when my finger turned septic and Nurgle heaped his blessings on me again and I got a cold. After spending the weekend dying I am now a lot better and have organised a new game, 40K this time and chosen a Slaaneshi Eldar Army to use against a Thundercav Puppies army. The army will be given a trial outing against my long suffering friend tomorrow and as he is also playing with the Space Puppies it might help to teach me a few things. I am pleased with some of the conversions and look forwards to painting them once my finger has had the exorcisms incanted properly over it.

The last thing I am hoping to do is try a new set of rules to run a WW2 game and have been organising my Italians to take part in this game. The force is 3 squads of ten men with one special weapon and officer, with radio operator and medic and maybe a heavy machine gun will let people know how it works out.

The idea is for there to be quite a lot of command and control in the game and I have been looking at how different rules model this into their games.