Thursday, 13 January 2011

New Year - New Start

Right, bit of a late start to this year.
With all the changes in the upcoming wargaming rules sets, it is time to re-evaluate my armies and painting for this year.
First things first.
I have a force on British Para’s for rules of engagement these will be joining my Italians as CIL
Black Powder thirty years war army needs painting so one stand a week to start out – same with Napoleonic Italian.
Chaos Army for WHFB nearly done and will continue with this.
A mate wants to start Warhammer 40k with the bits I have already got I have decided to make Craftworld Eldar my main army as this gives me a variety in colour schemes but I also want to theme them to moving to Slaanesh. Dark Eldar bits a go pictures to follow soon.
War of the Ring needs finishing and a few Cygnar models need finishing as well as a few stands of Flames of War Germans.
Also thanks to Big Jim for making Killzone as I have been making a Chaos Marine force which is completed.
Lastly one project I want to make for poops and giggles is a Feral Hunt Army with Canis Wolfborn, Landspeeders and Fenrisian Wolves, this will have a few Wolf Guard members on bikes to add their weight to combats and reign in Canis’ influence. After painting a test model they might be a divergent company.