Monday, 30 December 2013


So the New Year is nearly here. And I am trying to work out what I want to do for this year. As usual I will probably jettison it and end up doing something else. So after picking up of Gods and Mortals I have decided I want to do a Barrow Norse Army. So far I have decided to use the next two models.

These will be a Barrow King and a Banshee in the same order as they appear.
For the rest of the group I will be using the Warriors of Rohan.

So the God will be this model as I can imagine them worshiping something a bit more primal
All pictures used courtesy of Games Workshop

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Invasion Progress

So with the countdown to Invasion fast approaching I have started to collect the models together.

As all of these models needed to be Games Workshop I have decided to pull all of them from the half started projects.

The fluff behind the army if going to be like that of the Mordant Lucky 13th but more of a scratch company.

Here is the Major of the strike squad Major Haleun.

Part of the fluff is that the men will be fighting against chaos and against the Great Enemy you don't pull any punches so here is an ork nob to fight on their side in none competitive games or if it goes to bigger points. Think Von Strabb but based around a Commissar Lord

Friday, 29 November 2013

Leicester Invasion

So the next tournament that I will attend is Leicester Invasion.

This is a 600 point tourney and not really knowing the rules about who I can ally with I've decided to play safe so will use Guard as they are known to spread the love quite a bit.

So the list is

Command Squad HQ

Three Veteran units


add in some heavy and special weapons and we have 600 pts. The cool thing is that I have had to spend nothing on this army even with the fact I have to use all Forgeworld stuff. And as I have got some fluff sorted they don't have to look all the same.

Will hopefully be able to show pics as I paint.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Blogwars 6

Yeah I got a prize. Wooden spatula still counts I hope ;)
So it was a really fun day and I wont spoil Alex discussing issues.
So where did my army go wrong, well there was lots of Tau and you don't get to charge them so next year its going to be a more shooty list and I've nearly worked it out.
I would like to thank Alex for running it and even though it was bloody cold up north the southerner managed to get some of next year's army bought.
Will be posting my next list soon.

Sunday, 20 October 2013


So the first and second plans for Blogwars lay trodden into the ground. So plan C, I think
The army is based around the Chaos Codex but does not have a Helldrake.

So the list is

Slannesh Lord
Khorne Lord on Jugger, accompanied by 3 Chaos Spawn

Unit of Terminators

10 Cultists
7 Fallen Dark Angels
5 Chaos Space Marines
5 Berserker
10 Noise Marines

2 Maulerfiends with Lasher Tendrils

So what is the plan, well obviously surge forwards with the Maulerfiends and Khrone Lord then see what happens
Not my model 

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Space Marines

So with the new Space Marine codex on the horizon and me deciding to attend a tourney this year. I have decided to make a new space marine army. The plan for this is to buy two boxes as a start of The Space Marine battleforce the Blood Angels battleforce. These will be the start and then we will see what comes out next is the next bit

Guess what never happened (read the title of the blog)

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Legends of Empire

Right no preamble here am nearly done on an army  32 odd models nearly done for a small skirmish force of Nappy French six veterans to do
Question is which non Europeans would look good fighting them
Ideas are Japanese peasants, African Tribes

Friday, 4 January 2013

Too Infinity we hope

So its the New Year.And you should have broken all your resolutions by now.

So I have resolved that I will do things that I want while slimming down the collection of unpainted models in my collection.

So at the moment what is gathering dust on the painting shelf.
Crusade Era Knights and Gondor Rangers, these will be used for Saga when I have picked up the rules and picked up Fireforge Foot Knights.
Menoth stuff, right when the airbrush is purchased I will buy the colossal and get at least 35 pts of this army together, seeing as I want a colossal should not be too many other models to go with this.
Lord of the Rings stuff I have probably got enough of this to paint till the end of days. I will make and keep a War of the Ring Elven army with this stuff and buy some of the Knights of Rivendell.
Infinity- Right the big one for me, too long have these gorgeous models been sat around in foam and boxes. Too long have I owned the rules and done f^**& all with them. I this year will learn Infinity and play games of this brilliant looking system
Side note is that I have now painted nearly everything I own and will be adding to this only to consolidate my  squads 

40K, the gorilla in the room. I have a big enough army of Blood Angels to play with I will limit myself to making the two assault squads up to 10 men and then I will finish painting them and low it shall be finished. I may end up getting a couple of tanks and realize my dream of a tank company army with some Baal and normal Predators.
Flames of War I have an army and have the start of a second I shall complete the second and be happy to call this finished.
Wyrd Plans are afoot for a alliance with both Sonia Cridd and Rasputina fighting to fulfill my plans as there is a lot of crossover with these two masters

Also due to the fun I have had with blogspot not being able to remember any f*&&^^ passwords for the last year I will now be leaving this site to gather dust if you want to see the progress for the rest of the year follow me on twitter and may your paints stay wet.