Sunday, 25 November 2012

Hobbits & Goblins and Dwarves

So Games Workshop has released the Hobbit SBG and from the first comments on the internet it looks like people don't like it.

Having come late to the Middle Earth party I had not read the book which I am doing at the moment so at first agreed with some of the comments.

But once again we have to remember what the main target for GW is for xmas he is 8 - 12 and has never heard of tabletop gaming so walks past GW and sees the glossy display of the film trailer he has seen on TV he comes in and if the shop is good they have the stuff in the front. Mum and Dad will probably consider £20   for childmiding not bad value and all of the staff are CRB checked and shouting about sticking swords in people

Main comments are
Too expensive - likely to agree with this but I have decided to buy only certain things and use the models from my collection for others, so for my box of Hunter Orcs in which I get 12 £20 lets see what I could get. Right boxes for under £20 include a combat squad of marines or 5 marine scouts both of these are £15.50 so I might be able to pick up the glue to put them together with my £20 and after that I have one squad which takes up 100 pts of a game that is usually played at 1500pts.
So I get 12 models which are very well sculpted from the pics and in all honesty will only need 50 of these models so will spend around £100 in all. So maybe not

Horrible scale - right pet peeve here Imperial Guard Soldiers who are 6' should not be modeled the same as a 8' tall space marine, anyway lets look at the size of historical miniatures, they are true 25 - 28mm and should be the same scale and if you shop around will be able to use gripping beast or fire forge to expand your army, would like to see Imperial Guardsmen scaled down to fit better with the universe so the scale thing does not bother me in the slightest

Dont like the look of the models - ok the goblins did not do it for me but not GW's fault I know that the sculptors had a trip to New Zealand so were following Peter Jackson's vision of the goblins also from someone who has read the book they had not yet evolved into the Mines of Moria goblins also the dwarfs are based on the costumes of the film so not their fault and blame Jackson for that and go to red box games for some more dwarf heroes

Goblin Town set can be made with balsa wood - not by a 8 year old with no modelling skills the terrain kits arent really for experienced modellers but for the kids so they are not sawing into wood or scattering modelling polystyrene around their parents house, we all did it.

So for the people trying to sell the hobby to someone who has is the Hobbit any good for someone getting into the idea of tabletop gaming - I would say yes, low cost lots of people their age will be playing and terrain that just needs gluing and painting and mum and dad pay how much for a computer and games for the kid so they learn social skills because they are across the table from their opponent so no swearing at your opponent like Call of Duty

All this and not a GW apologist

Kill Teams FTW

So recently some of my friends have started getting into Kill Teams for 40k 

As regular readers of the Blog may know skirmish gaming is my thing and I was planning on doing some 30k Kill Teams. :-)
The rules that people are using are by heraldsofruin blogspot and they don't seem to different from the normal game which is good for getting new players in.
So I present my first kill team made of 
Night Lords Lexicanium 
Combat squad of Death Guard with suspensor Heavy Bolter specialist
Veteran World Eater with Power Sword
and World Eater Assault Marine 

should be having a game this weekend and week so will get to see how they do the time frame will be just after the Council of Terra