Saturday, 4 January 2014

New Year - New Resolution to miss

So the New Year has started and life promises to be busy. I went to see the Desolation of Smaug last night which was really good, only thing I would say that was bad was, a bit to many roller coaster bits.Apart from that I don't want to know how much the Smaug model will be :(.

 So what have I got planned for this year. Well the first thing is I want to consolidate my model collection down. So far for 40k I have Lamenters, Chaos Space Marines, and a Rogue Trader force. While it is nice to have the variety I really feel it is time to slim it down to two forces. So I will disband the Rogue Trader and his minions. Allies will be kept in the form of Eldar and Imperial Guard, with maybe my Rogue Trader being an ally for the Lamenters.

I have a force of High Elves for Fantasy this should really get painted at some point and I will continue using this.

Bolt Action, no end of Italians that someone gave me can use them in the games at Leicester Squigs that will be starting soon. I also probably have enough Brits to start a small force. As Italians are going to be my army I will get rid of the Brits.

Flames of War lots of different bits kicking around and lots of stuff that was nearly used for 15mm projects. I think I will keep the German Tank Army and get rid of the rest :-(

Warmachine will be Cygnar with Merc units only and will get rid of anything else.

So the resolution is ....... Every day I will paint a model. Due to a busy year this may be on a rate of averages. So if I miss one day I will paint two the next and so on. So far I have painted One Slaanesh Marine, a Guild Austringer, Two Dystopian Legions Prussian Officers, tomorrow is going to be another Chaos Space Marine and finish off Molly Squigpidge. Will have pictures tomorrow

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Slaanesh Ascendant

So one of my friends invited me to take part in a Campaign so invited to create my fluff for my army here is what I came up with comments gladly accepted.
Prefect Puel stood looking over the swamp that his warriors were trudging through. The Sorcerer Silesh was hovering over the right hand side behind Puel. The Prefect spun on his toe and lunged at the Sorcerer grabbing him by the gorget. 
“When is it going to get interesting again? This world bores me.” 
Silesh worked to free himself from the grasp of the Prefect and pulled back trying to keep out of the way of the axe that Puel held so casually.
“My lord I will see where the next great adventure is”. Silesh sat down on the sodden grass trying to empty his mind of all of the distractions that the blessings of the Dark Prince bestowed on him. As he opened his mind he started to sift through the worlds that were now colliding through his head. He focused on one world suddenly he saw the Prefect fighting in a different times on this world, in most of these glimpses Silesh saw Puel die. He knew that this was the world that the Dark Prince wanted his master to go to next what did it matter that the Prefect might die. It was the essence of worship for their creed to always be living life on the edge of experience. If he steered his Prefect away from this fate and he found out he would never. Be able to show his face again. He smiled as a thought occurred to him. If his Prefect died he may well seize power of the warband and write his own tale. With that thought bouncing round his head Silesh went to speak to his master.

Pictures to follow

Monday, 30 December 2013


So the New Year is nearly here. And I am trying to work out what I want to do for this year. As usual I will probably jettison it and end up doing something else. So after picking up of Gods and Mortals I have decided I want to do a Barrow Norse Army. So far I have decided to use the next two models.

These will be a Barrow King and a Banshee in the same order as they appear.
For the rest of the group I will be using the Warriors of Rohan.

So the God will be this model as I can imagine them worshiping something a bit more primal
All pictures used courtesy of Games Workshop