Friday, 4 January 2013

Too Infinity we hope

So its the New Year.And you should have broken all your resolutions by now.

So I have resolved that I will do things that I want while slimming down the collection of unpainted models in my collection.

So at the moment what is gathering dust on the painting shelf.
Crusade Era Knights and Gondor Rangers, these will be used for Saga when I have picked up the rules and picked up Fireforge Foot Knights.
Menoth stuff, right when the airbrush is purchased I will buy the colossal and get at least 35 pts of this army together, seeing as I want a colossal should not be too many other models to go with this.
Lord of the Rings stuff I have probably got enough of this to paint till the end of days. I will make and keep a War of the Ring Elven army with this stuff and buy some of the Knights of Rivendell.
Infinity- Right the big one for me, too long have these gorgeous models been sat around in foam and boxes. Too long have I owned the rules and done f^**& all with them. I this year will learn Infinity and play games of this brilliant looking system
Side note is that I have now painted nearly everything I own and will be adding to this only to consolidate my  squads 

40K, the gorilla in the room. I have a big enough army of Blood Angels to play with I will limit myself to making the two assault squads up to 10 men and then I will finish painting them and low it shall be finished. I may end up getting a couple of tanks and realize my dream of a tank company army with some Baal and normal Predators.
Flames of War I have an army and have the start of a second I shall complete the second and be happy to call this finished.
Wyrd Plans are afoot for a alliance with both Sonia Cridd and Rasputina fighting to fulfill my plans as there is a lot of crossover with these two masters

Also due to the fun I have had with blogspot not being able to remember any f*&&^^ passwords for the last year I will now be leaving this site to gather dust if you want to see the progress for the rest of the year follow me on twitter and may your paints stay wet.