Monday, 12 November 2012

Weekend painting week time gaming

So the year starts to close up and of course I have got lots going on.

I had a game of Warmachine on Thursday which reminded me how much I love this game, it also shocked me how much of the game I remembered, the only thing I will have to remember is the unit activation not bad for it being a teaching game for me, and something I will remember with my Menoth for next year.

The second thing, as I was not doing loads in the day I chose to spend most of Saturday painting and managed to do these, they will fit into my mercenary 18th Century army who will be helping the Ruskis to fight against the Czar.

On Sunday while not doing much I decided to work on a new project

These are two of the defenders of the Imperium for my Warhammer 30K kill team project, which I will be adding to over Christmas with some ForgeWorld goodies.

The idea is to make a 300pt force that does not include Unique Characters but does include Independent Characters so here we have Captain Milios of the IXth Legion 20th (Sword) Company on the right who is supported by Veteran Helvane of the XVIth Legion 10th Company expect to see a Field Captain from the Emperors Children and maybe a Sanguinary Priest.

In other news I put together a Orc and Goblin Spider Monster this was fun and apart from the pictures being a bit poor was clearly numbered and labelled