Thursday, 18 October 2012

Working 9 to 5 and more

So I thought that I would give a quick update about what I've been upto. I have been helping my mate by putting together a couple of models and I thought I'd give a couple of bitesize reviews of some of the models

Dakkajet - absolutely lovely model went together easy and looked brilliant when done

Battlewagon - not bad not numbered which was an issue and a few too many bits that looked the same but went together well in the end

Tomb guard - nice models and one piece body was nice lots of potential would use these if ever doing skeletons not a fan of gluing spines together

Karamazov - finecast helps this model no need to pin now certain bits were awkward to put together but nice and rewarding

Chaos Lord of Manticore - certain bits were easy certain bits were a git, the instructions could do with being clearer

Dark Angel Vets - old friend so many bits and my usual conversion fodder (see upcoming photo for this) lovely

Eldar support weapon - fail how can such a small model provoke so much swearing

Also a brief review of Kommando Khaki %&&*$$ kack is more like it opacity was zero will be getting rid of my pot

Planning for a game tonight so hopefully a battle report and maybe just maybe some pics

Also been looking at Dystopian Wars lovely models