Saturday, 16 June 2012

Malifaux and other things

The club that I game at has started to get into the Wyrd game Malifaux.
I got into the Arcanists back when the game was beta tested and Rasputina has always been my favorite.
I painted these models ages ago so have recently re-painted Rasputina and also added some more models. I am hoping to get Sue in the next few days.

The first picture is my crew of the winter dance. The second is a commission for one of my friends.
He wanted the crew to be painted like the artwork on the picture behind them.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Dark Elves and the Undead

For a few years I have realised that I am really more into skirmish wargaming.
However most of the skirmish wargames are a bit prescriptive with their setting or i am not keen on the combat system.
So I will be trying to come up with a rules system I like, and using these models as my warband.

So, the question is what do like?
I like intergrated turns these can either like lord of the rings or infinity.
I like rolling few dice may be one two or three.
I like coming up with my own or collaborative backstory therefore campaigns and an easily factored in campaign system is neccessary