Saturday, 6 October 2012

Derby Wargames Show

So this weekend I went to a convention show and purchased quite a few models.

Finally I have managed to get a box of Fireforge Games Templar Knights which look like lovely models.
I will be playing around with these at some point this weekend.

I also picked up some Dixon Minis Hitmen from their gangsters range which I will be using for some skirmish game as well as the Westwind Vampire Wars Tzar and Tzarina and two kids which will become either civilians or the family to be protected

I also met John Stallard from Warlord games and picked up a French nurse who will be used as the children's Governess (she is in the picture packing a pistol)

Scarab Miniatures Rob who talked me through the rules of War & Conquest which I will be getting at some point and I would like to thank him for a brilliant chat about wargaming and giving me some inspiration for an army.

I would also like to say hi to my mates from Phat Cats who were there playing KGN which I found out took them over 6 weeks to put together it was a really well put together table with some very nice models on it.

Following a quick trip to the painting corner here is the first of the models a Lady and her daughter with their bodyguard packing a Tommy Gun
I can see an adventure in the Italian foothills coming on.

Stormtalon Attack

So over the latter part of the week I have bought put together and started painting a Stormtalon and here are the results
 I like it even though its boxy, I also got my second go at airbrushing which was fun and I will be using this from now on to do tanks and vehicles
Below we see another project which has been in the works for years and the latest ww2 axis model is a goliath who will be getting a squad when I get them painted

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Assassin of the Druchii

Here is the warband's assassin who has been hiding out with the high elves for the past fifty years
Hope you enjoy