Monday, 19 November 2012

Plans for 2013

So hopefully the world will not end this year and I will continue my quest for world domination into next year.

I have decided to limit myself to certain key projects for the year.
  1. Armies on Parade - Dragon is bought and lying on the work bench, still to find a Chaos Sorcerer to ride him and acquire the rest of the warband this will include the Skullchrushers
  2. Menoth army for Warmachine this is still a bit nebulous the idea for the core of the force is medium base infantry so Cinerators and Bastions will form the core will be about 50pts
  3. 30k Kill Teams - While some of the Horus Heresy models from Forge World are very nice they cost a bit and it will feel a shame to use them as line troopers what could be better than running them in small squads with your own characters leading them.
  4. Merc 18th Century Warband - still some to paint and one box to buy for these for a quasi skirmish game of quasi historical muskets and axes
  5. Blood Angels Lamenters - random models will be added when I fancy it to my main army and any actual progress will of course be recorded
Quick amendment - the armies on parade will be an Easterling force for Lord of the Rings this will still have the dragon which is assembled apart from the wings