Saturday, 26 March 2011

The Grand Battle

Most of the enemy had deployed on the battlefield with only the vanguard of my Librarian and two squads of Mortis Company deployed when a unit of Tainted Sternguard and one squad of Silver Skulls joined them.

First blood went to the enemy as one of the Mortis company died making his way to the central ruins. Also the enemy devastator squad set up in the Western
The bikers raced on to the battlefield and prepared to join the Librarian while the Mortis Company got tangled in the southern ruins. The Silver Skulls commander led the Minotaurs with the Emporers Children Gene Surgeon down from orbit and they landed near the devastator squad.

The Minotaurs are greeted by the Loyalists with oncoming fire and charge into close combat killling the devastators while the bikes race forwards and start blasting away at the assault squad doing nothing and the sorcerer fires his combi – melta killing one. The Librarian then charges the Assault Squad and gets beaten up.
While the Terminators decide to charge my hammer The Silver Skulls and Berserkers move forwards and get shot and assaulted by the assault marines. With one of the Berserkers decides not to die and holds up two units of assault marines and the Terminators walk through the ruins and start taking on the Noise Marines and in the end the game was called with me pretty much dying to a man.

What have I learnt from this.
Well the small units just don't work so go big or don't bother coming also one unit that can take an objective might actually help and I want to try the Vanguard squad as being able to use heroic intervention after descent of angels will be awesome.

Friday, 25 March 2011

The Tech Heresy of Ulantis

After I had been marvelling at the Bloodcrusher models and having come into a copy of the 2nd edition of 40K I decided to make a skirmish game.
As we all know I have a problem with canon so please see below in descending order
Tech Priest on Cyber Wolf with three Auroch
Grey Knight with Commissar Cain and two servitors in Tactical Dreadnought Armour.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

New Army - "Blood for the Sanguine One, Blood God and Keep their Skulls and plate them Silver"

Once again I took to the tabletop again and did not get bought any flowers, sigh.
So I have decided after being inspired by Goatboy to turn my Chaos Marines into a real army that might be able to compete, if some one else was to take them for a spin. So with a nice new Blood Angels book my Chaos Marines are going to be the Sons of Sanguinius, or something.
In the army we will have
Librarian, 2 units of Sternguard, 3 Sanguinary Priests, Scouts, five units of Death Company (one with Jump Packs) and a unit of bikers and the Grim one.

Tomorrow is when they shout out their battle cry expect them to be to confused and to forget what they are doing.

Will try and get pictures on here soon