Sunday, 29 May 2011

Catch Up

As I've had trouble getting online regularly here is what ive been up to.

Have been working on my 40k Blood Angels & Chaos Marine Army Thousand Sons and Terminators constructed need painting.

Warriors of Chaos constructed need to paint some forsaken and Daemonic beasts army started 20 Bloodletters made out of Saurus and Beastmen need finishing. Great Unclean One made out of Stegadon. Pictures to follow.

Empire warband made and painted for skirmish gaming pics to follow.
New idea for WW1 Trench Raiders started (I know) Moroccan Goums Squad constructed hopefully painting today 1 Zouve painted. British Cavalry pulled out of the trunk along with Senegal murder brides. Once again it will be a weird war game and am currently looking for a ruleset. Operation Squad gets across the paranoid environment with the counter reaction system might ask someone to trial with me.
Malifaux two crews bought and based, one game played and looks good will be getting into this game.
Old Leman Russ will be used as a Mk1 tank.

What I want to get.
Avatars of War Dwarf Plastics
Zouaves nice characterful uniforms will be used for ww1 and when they arrive Knight of Montessa and Jeanne D'Arc for Infinity.

Bye for now