Saturday, 8 September 2012

The Emperors Pet Psychopaths

I would like to introduce to you the scourge of the Xenos; Inquisitor Dolen Jalsem.

Born on the world of Catachan he was inducted into the Inquisitorial Henchmen of Anileus Balior over seventy years ago and has been purging Xenos ever since.
His power armour was gifted to him by the Angels of Absolution and as he comes from Catachan he is nearly as big as a marine. Of course coming from Catachan he is unable to trust just to power armour and his armour was camouflaged by the Chapter Artificers when he was on missions with them, since he has left he has been unable to change the camouflage and so his robes have been added in the colours that he feels will camouflage him to the theater of operations.

Above we have the model mounted on the base which is then extended out to create a raised slab and earth modeled around the slab

Above the inquisitor strides above the alien tomb casting his psychic abilities at the foul xenos he has not been able to bribe.