Saturday, 26 May 2012

Flawless Host

Pictures from last weeks post

Above are the start of my preparation for the new Chaos Legions book that is rumoured to be coming soon.
I am working on an Emperors' Children successor called the Flawless Host
These are converted from Grey Knights and Death Company :-)

Below is the model that is going to lead them a Clone Son of Fulgrim

I am going to use him as a Chaos Lord with Terminator Armour who still tries to protect mankind, he knows that to do this he must tempt them away from the worship of the Emperor which is blinding them from their potential, he uses Slaanesh to achieve this. Hopefully by the end of the weekend he will be painted.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Chilling and relaxing

Nothing much has been happening on the gaming table for the last couple of weeks. There are a couple of reasons for this;

  1. Bank Holiday weekend, day off work and Monday is the day the gaming club meets
  2. Mate wanted to go down the pub to be fair most of the conversation was about warhammer 40k :-)
  3. Back went the other week and did not feel up to it to be fair, codine is the only way to fly
To be fair this has given me some time to put some paint on some models,
I also found after the last store in town that started to sell GW closed down one of the oldest stores in town has started (they are the most sedate bookshop in the world as well and, get this, they also sell Windsor & Newton brushes) so to try and keep them going I bought the Death Company boxed set.
Lovely box and with some bits box magic I made some conversions will be putting up some pics this week.