Sunday, 6 April 2014

Rogue Trading Across the Universe

So the Resolution is a smoking wreck bombed out and smoking by the side of the road. However as always I will not stop painting.
'You can take our lives, but you will never take our paintbrushes'
So I have returned to the forces of my Rogue Trader and as the new Scions came out yesterday after some easy paint-schemes and some google searches I have decided that my Rogue Trader has chosen one of his followers to lead his army when he is otherwise engaged.
So he has tasked his Seneschal to lead the counter assault when his ship gets boarded,
Here we have the man himself Unileavi this custodian of his master's house also has the task of monitoring the Navigators and Astropaths on ship and so has a Condemnor Boltgun and Null Rod, his squad of soldiers drafted by the Rogue Trader from the Astra Militarum are well known for their willingness to engage psykers even going so far as to seek them out, known as the Nutters and so the squad are known as the Unileavi's Nutters