Thursday, 26 July 2012

Week off

So after a week off I have had a couple of games
First one was against a space wolf list this was two units of grey hunters and one landspeeder as well as Arjak or someone that looked like him this was against my landspeeder a unit of scouts assault squad and a captain with jump pack and power sword. I was not the best general and lost
Then had a game against the filth list of Typhus plague marines plague havocs daemon prince nurglings and epidemius pure filth lost
Last one was against Eldar with one of the new guys down the club this was a good fun game and was a draw.
Since then have been painting more Lamenters and some generic scifi troopers which will be posted up
 Death Company for the Lamenters trial model pleased with this one
 Misaki and Sue for commissions (hopefully they resculpt Misaki)
Aslynne model from Warmachine with some sculpting to make her a templar.

Hope you enjoy