Saturday, 11 August 2012

Draigo Wing Chaos Style

So in the same discussion where I wanted to do a certain Fallen Killteam see last post!
I also was talking about Obsidian Blades Grey Knight Army which is 6 models I thought I would make my version out of the bits I had kicking around

So here goes the nine models that make my 1000 pts of Grey Knights

The Brazen Hound (Draigo)

Master Crafted Psycannon, Brain Mines, Psycotroke Grenades

5 Paladin Squad
Psilencer, Warding Stave, Psybolt Ammo, Hammer

Warrior Adept
Master Crafted Hammer

Dark Custodes
Master Crafted Halberd

 The Brazen Hound
 Paladin Squad
Grandmaster, Warrior Adept, and Dark Custodes

970pts :-)

The Fallen Arrive

So after having a discussion with one of my friends about life the universe and all that I have decided to do a Kill Team of Fallen Dark Angels
The back story is that they hire themselves out to Warlords so that they can work behind the scenes to further Cyphers cause.


I will be working on a counts as Grey Knights army as well so keep your eyes peeled