Saturday, 15 September 2012

Druchii revised and more Kick-ass

So work continues apace on my revised druchii warband and hopefully I will be picking up some more models today

This is the list that I will be working to and hoping to find on the internet or trade with friends for some of the models

10 Corsairs 5 Executioners
Heavy Armour




Cold One

5 Witch Elves

Shrieking Blade

Sergeant & Standard

Standard of Eternal Flame


So you have already seen the master and he is well represented by this model

The 10 corsairs after buying a squad for the fabled my own game I don't mind buying some more and 6 will be added to the four I've already built and painted.

Not sure what to use for the 5 crossbowmen might use the rest of the corsairs and convert them to not look like corsairs or use Dark Eldar warrior bits with conversions

Executioners will be Dark Eldar Incubi hopefully with, headswaps and painted as bloodsoaked paladins that they are meant to be.

Witch Elves will be Wyches from the Dark Eldar as I've seen these before and they look very nice

So there you have 500 points planned and photos to follow.

As it seems weird to leave you without a picture after searching the Internet for inspiration I stumbled upon this, no words to describe his dark elves apart from sublime and he is on my blogroll

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Druchii going lowkey

Do Druchii (Dark Elves) ever go undercover in their political intrigues.

I would say the answer is yes and so here is the Noble for my Dark Elf army that I will be doing for Warhammer Fantasy Warbands. This format gives you between 250 and 500 points to play with and you can have smaller units to play with.

Ideas are
Noble with repeater crossbow on cold one and shield

4 Corsairs with crossbows
5 Spearmen
3 Dark Riders maybe nicking an idea I saw of them riding Fenrisian Wolves
5 Executioners
3 Knights riding Lions to count as cold ones

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Elvish Batman

So as a bit of a break I painted up the Alith Anar (known as the High Elf Batman) model for the fantasy game that I am either working on or (this is new) going to use Fanticide for.

I of course did not use the GW colour scheme because I felt like doing my own (who would have thought it)

His job will be to fire flaming arrows into the enemy while the rest of the archers (who are wip at the moment) fire at the main body of troops.

I want to get a winter argus for my wolves to lead them with the huntsmaster. Because PP have learnt how to sculpt a wolf :-)