Sunday, 19 January 2014


So its catch up time and I'm already behind so far here is the progress

The above pics are to finish the Battle Company for the Hobbit game. The two dwarf rangers are ner and part of the resolution the human ranger is also painted so 10 so far. Here is the Battle Company ready to start. 

Next we have Harley Quinn and I am looking forwards to getting into this game and was fun painting her.

As well as this I have started getting a warband for of Gods and Mortals
Firstly my God
and a Banshee who will join him
So far here is the Warband and will be adding to this next month
Lastly for a campaign I finish off the squad of Chosen so that is another two Chaos Space Marines
So far that is 15 models and I am hoping to keep up to date so more this afternoon maybe.