Saturday, 27 October 2012

Dystopian Wars

So on Thursday I had my first game of Dystopian Wars.

All I can say is what a brilliant system this is. It models naval and air combat very well and the extra stuff about tesla and fusion meltdowns is very good. I played this at Phatcats and had a brilliant time. I will be playing this again and buying more stuff.

I have also had more stuff to put together
Dark Elf dragon, this was a really nice kit that I put together in an hour with the sorceress. I could have done more bits but the client only wanted the quick and simple. Very nice

Wood Elf Treeman - not a good kit. Had to put certain parts of the model into hot water so that it would stand up in anything like a realistic pose and when it was constructed it looked very small. Would not use this if I decided to do a wood elf army.

 Treekin - while the one i put together was simple to put together I would not be impressed with this kit if I bought it the models are very small for what they are supposed to represent. for both of these units I would be looking at Privateer Press Circle wold stuff.

I will be immersing myself in the Iron Kingdoms soon when I get the IKRPG.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

More work and some play

It's sad times at the moment as my power lead has died and I need to get a new one

Since last time I have been putting together a

Soul Grinder - this was a nice kit and and simple to make not brilliant just nice
Ghazkull - brilliant really quick to put together nice and quick
Slaaneshi chariot - some fiddly bits instructions could be better but ok

I have also been painting some more iron kingdoms models so expect pics soon

Till the return