Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Something that I've always wanted to do.

Quick couple of pics today taken at the same time as the others.
Vignettes have always interested me as they are a way to make a scene but was always a bit put off from how to use them in gaming. However after looking at the brilliant Blackpowder rules by Warlord Games. I realized that it could be done with fantasy, so here is another homebrew game that might do something but may not.
So without further ado here is a human leader and hornblower and a elf sorceress with herald.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

The Start Continued....

The problem with this blog is that as Terry Pratchett said where to begin.

I have a ton of painted stuff, if this was all for the same army it would not be a problem but alas it is not. So here we have my latest work (it's a little bit random. And to the left we have a Herald of the Blood God, you will notice how cuddley he is (no game system nailed down for him yet).

To the right there is a Sorceress for No Quarter who will be joining a Elf Army

Just here we have some PP Tharn who will be joining the Elf Army and adding their muscle to the army.

Getting Started

Right here goes.

This a blog about war gaming that might actually last for more than a day, it might not though. As with most of these things, it is of course designed to get me to paint the lead mountian that threatens to overwhelm me. It might not work and I might just fill space on the internet.
I war game at the Northampton Warlords or more accurately roll dice and take little men of the table while some one else wargames. Hopefully pictures will be forthcoming or this will be a bit embarrassing.
I also listen to too many podcasts which probably does not help and surf too many forums.
At the moment I have quite a few things going on.
Warhammer Vampires (need painting), Warhammer Ancients Sweden 15th Century (nowhere near historically accurate also need painting), Fast & Dirty - Humans (painted), War of the Ring - High Elfs (need finishing) Warmachine and Hordes painted-ish and Legends of the Napoleonic Front - painted (port of Legends of the High Sea's) I am looking forwards to seeing how No Quarter works and this might become my fantasy game if GW manage to make it too big for my type of game.

As the title suggests I seem to be interested in everything and start nothing so you might have to bear with it. Also this might teach me how to take photo's so if your mad enough to join me it might be a wild ride.

It might be a damp squib.