Sunday, 18 May 2014

40k 7th ed

So I write this on the Sunday before 7th edition comes out and I have to say meh

While I have been a big fan of 40k for over 20 years, even I have had issues where GW has taken it. 

So lets look at the issues of the game I have seen;
Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Trader this was a brilliant universe that kept me enthralled for many years and I still do back to (squats any one) I think this has informed my idea of what feels right in 28mm gaming forever and why I like the games I do. The core of this game was a reinforced platoon and The Battle at the Farm was my first idea of an scenario and holds a dear place in my heart.

Warhammer 40,000 2nd ed, this was a cool game and I love some of the mechanics that came out of this opposed dice rolls for combat are half what I love about the Hobbit LotR game, the overwatch system could lead to a non game but worked well for skirmish games like Necromunda

3rd ed, was when the game started to be a Company level game and since then always started to feel too crowded and I think did not play this much.

4th ed was for me ok though some of the builds and the power gaming got a bit boring. Jumping from assault to assault made another non game.

5th ed was the tournament game and was a good game and this is when I started picking up other systems

6th probably the best for fluff using allies is brilliant. The only thing that let this down was the force organisation chart being of secondary importance 

7th ed, what has annoyed me, Unbound Armies will lead to some proper filth and because some of the worldwide gamers will think of tactics before fluff so not filling me with confidence one thing I will buy is the new mission cards and use them in other rules there and lastly the amount of models on the board locally is still too big for me 2k is still standard points where I live. 

On a final note it was two years since the last set was released and while my bookshelf is witness to the fact that I don't mind buying rules £50 per throw with no armies to play out of the book is a bit steep so, I would like to say thank you for all of the inspiration GW and I will continue to buy models from you but it will be for other systems 
So in all not so much a rage-quit as a can't-be-a%^£%ed-to-keep-up-now-quit.

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