Thursday, 24 July 2014

A new world

So after my whinge about 40k and the post where I promised to post lots of pictures which I did not do I have decided that I decided to work out which games I like. These have been sorted out in my head, and now for now real reason I will put them on the internet. Feel free to disagree with me all you want.

Bolt Action (WW2 platoon scale 28mm game), its been designed by Rick Priestly and so has many of the same basic concepts that go through Warhammer games, the activation phase is the departure for this game and is well done.

Saga (28mm warband game, less than 40 models). This is could be a standard game of early medieval fighting if it was not for the battle boards, these represent your warlord shouting encouragement / orders to his men as they fight for him, had two games on Monday against a friend down the club. Was a really tight game and easy to get the basics the actual strategy will wait.

Warhammer Fantasy (32mm Army game) This is a good game with a good pedigree, I have not liked some of the past editions of this game but the current edition gives a good non frustrating game so long as you don't play a cheeseball

Killteam (Unit 40k) Its 40k without all the super broken rules, needs scenarios though.

Flames of War (15mm WW2 company scale) This is a stripped down version of the 40k engine with quite a few innovations (which I am sure someone will tell me are as old as the hills. If you want tank wars for ww2 this is where you should be going.

Dystopian Wars (Fleet/ Army Group / Air Force Steampunk game) the background is good and the rules are entertaining, not played the new version but will keep this till I do.

What I want to look into
Of Gods and Mortals (Warband Ancients game with a god) This looks like a simple game with good / simple mechanics what adds to this is the talents and the fuelling of and impact of your God on the Battle. Got the rules and looks good, building a Greek warband now. There is a good chance that the same models from Saga will be used in this as Norse.

In her Majesty's Name (Steampunk skirmish) another Osprey book with a decent collection of supplements.

Deadzone (Mantic's Scifi skirmish) looks good designed by Jake Thornton who seems to be releasing a lot at the moment

Some models for the In her Majesty's Name which is ordered.
Converted from Maxmini and Bolt Action and Victrix. 

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